Ashley Russell is a entrepreneur from Louisville Kentucky. Fairly new to the millinery industry her main goal has been to inspire women through the art of head accessory. She wants to bring confidence, new found courage and a sense of royalty to women and girls of all ages. What got Ashley into the overall industry of fashion was her willingness to explore different avenues of the culture and not being afraid to test the status quo. Her love for the fashion of derby and the overall atmosphere is what led her to focus her passion on millinery alone. After taking classes in the well known facility of Dee's she has taken the time to learn new styles and perfect her talent from some of the greatest. Ashley spends a majority of her time learning how to make each individual woman feel special in her chosen accessory, she does so by creating unequivocal color waves with tranquil patterns and designs that would make anyone look like the million dollar dream. In the years to come Ashley thrives to meet the needs of every class woman from your everyday mom to your finest royalty. She urges you not to waste a moment, and be beautiful in her headpiece today!